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I have read many of your parenting articles and I find them amazing and extremely helpful! Thank you so much for having this available for parents like me that need quick answers and guidance. -Teresa J., Fort Worth, TX


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Whenever I can work it into a conversation with my friends, I make sure to tell them about The National Parenting Center, in my mind this site is the very best. - Elizabeth T., Stone Mountain, GA

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I love visiting this site, it feels like my own personal link to the best experts. Thank you Vicki, Evelyn, Thomas, Barton, Alvin, you feel like part of my family! - Carla L., Manchester, NH

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I needed to make a decision about the best apps to install on my iPad for my son to play and learn with. I was so confused until I found the Seal of Approval reviews which I know are based on evaluations written parents just like me. Knowing that I felt comfortable heading over to the iTunes store and downloading the apps. -Robert M., San Jose, CA

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When it comes to great advice, The National Parenting Center rocks! I don't know how I would have survived the "terrible two's" without you. Please say you'll be around forever! - Roxanne S., Orem, UT

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